Credit Score Loan Cost Calculator

Find out exactly how much a bad credit score can cost you?

You’ll pay a lot more for your loans with bad credit and the high-interest rates associated. But do you know what exactly a bad credit score is and how much it can cost you over the life of the loans you take?

To help consumers understand the cost of a bad credit score, we created the calculator below to compare the costs of loans based on different credit scores. You can plug in various loans and loan amounts and then see how much it will cost you, based on credit scores.

If high-interest debt is preventing you from achieving the credit score you need, then speaking to a credit counsellor is a good first step to take. Call New Leaf debt solutions today at (800) 593-7305 and start taking steps to improve your credit scores today. Alternatively, you can get started right now by requesting a free online debt analysis.