Client’s Rights Statement

New Leaf Debt Solutions Inc.

New Leaf Debt Solutions, Inc., (“New Leaf”) will treat everyone with compassion, empathy and respect and interact with everyone in a professional and dignified manner. New Leaf’s clients’ rights are stated in writing in the New Leaf Agreement and are as follows:


  • You are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect and without discrimination by all members and employees of New Leaf Debt, regardless of whether they have direct contact with you or not.


  • Clients’ have the right to review and request a copy of the personal information contained in their file.


  • Clients’ have the right to request the correction of information in the file as an appendix to the original entry.


  • You are entitled to privacy and confidentiality for all personal or financial information that you provide to us or that we collect about you as part of our credit counselling services


  • Clients’ have the right to confidentiality, except when the client has provided specific signed or verbal consent to disclose information to a third party or where a legal requirement for New Leaf to release the information exists.


  • You are entitled and encouraged to become informed about the measures that we take to protect your confidential information.


  • You are entitled to know how and when we use your confidential information, to access any information that we hold regarding you.


  • Clients’ have the right to complain or appeal.


  • You are entitled to make a complaint to the appropriate governmental authority about New Leaf Debt in the event that your confidentiality is breached.


  • Clients’ have a right to be informed of how their complaints are supervised and reported.


  • Clients’ have the right to be notified of their rights. This includes the complaint procedure and a timeframe for a response to their complaint.


  • Clients have the right to a healthy, safe and secure service environment.


  • Client’s have the right to discontinue participation in New Leaf’s services and/or cancel the Debt Management Program within 10 days of signing the Membership Agreement without providing their reasoning provided the request is made in writing via email, mail or fax.